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Drone Photography

Drone Photography
Cloud 9’s drone systems are industry-leading in both quality and resolution.

Our range of drones carry various camera systems and payloads of up to 4K cinema cameras.

Taking shots from zero to 400 feet, drone photography provides a stable platform for video and for still photography. Our range of drone systems can also be used to video and photograph areas that a full-sized helicopter can’t access.

Whether for a cinematic movie, a sporting event broadcast or any other event requiring high-quality, stunning imagery, our experienced team have a range of various platforms to suit your needs.

Our drones are fully portable and transportable, meaning Cloud 9 can travel with drones anywhere in Australia to meet various shooting schedules.

Our operators are Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certified and fully insured to operate our range of drones.


UAV Operators Certificate No. 1-ZAJWR-01
We are leaders in the field of Drone based UAV aerial media.


The angles we can achieve & places we can fly result in aerial perspectives revealing otherwise un-obtainable images.
Speak with Cloud 9 today about the benefits of drone photography.
Whether it be still images or video content,
Cloud 9 will provide a cost effective solution for your next project.
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