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Construction Progress

Construction Progress
Cloud 9 are a leading provider of photographic services to the construction industry. In the decade since the inception of the company, Cloud 9 have provided services to many of the finest builders, developers and architects in the country.

With the wide range of services that we offer at Cloud 9 we have the perfect solution to best capture your project. We have several different options to capture the progress of construction sites.

We have our fixed time lapse cameras as a static solution that will show the progress of the construction from beginning to end. We can also offer short term timelapses where a few members of our team can come onsite and capture a full days work showing the more intricate details which may highlight specific areas of the construction.

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Another option which is quite popular with our clients is to capture low level aerial images captured from our Blimp or Drone. These images captured periodically will showcase the development of the project which is often great for our clients reports to investors.

Over the years we have captured many projects ranging from small townhouse developments to large scale buildings and estates.

We have many techniques to get the best possible shots for your specific project. Please feel free to contact our friendly staff to discuss further

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