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Blimp Photography

Blimp Photography
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Cloud 9 is one of only five companies across Australia who offer blimp aerial photography.

Using a custom-made and tethered blimp, Cloud 9 provides low-level photography from ground level up to 400 feet high. This custom-built blimp can provide photography virtually anywhere.

Controlled via a remote ground station, we can pan and tilt the high-resolution, digital SLR camera (with suitably appropriate lenses) to perfectly frame shots to your specifications. This includes taking accurate and close-up images.

Blimp photography is a great way to promote your event, property, development site, building and more.

Our blimp photography can help you:

  • Capture the atmosphere of an event
  • Showcase a development site, including its elevation and surrounds
  • Detail the progress of construction
  • Provide professional real estate photos
  • Take photos for advertising and marketing materials
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