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Boundary Markup Submission Form

Boundary Mark-Up Services

Cloud 9 Aerial Photography are pleased to offer a 5-Step boundary mark-up service to clients.

By simply uploading your property image and selecting a small number of options, Cloud 9 will process your request and prepare a high resolution image outlining the boundary of any property.

After your submission has been received by Cloud 9 staff, your image will be promptly be edited and delivered to your inbox at the earliest convenience. A tax invoice will then be prepared after delivery of your marked up image.

To submit your Boundary Mark-up Request, follow the steps outlined below.

Cloud 9 Boundary Mark-Up Services
Step 1 - Enter your Details

Step 2 - Select your Image
Please type the Image filename  ViewSample

Step 3 - Select your Image Styling & Colour Options
Choose a Boundary Mark-Up Colour  ViewSample
Choose a Boundary Dimensions Font Colour  ViewSample
Choose a Background Colour Option  ViewSample

Step 4 - Enter your Property Boundary Measurements

Important! Boundary Measurements are optional fields. You can enter all boundary measurements or just 2 sides. Please scroll to the base of the page to view examples of boundary mark-up images prepared using only minimal measurements.

Step 5 - Validate & send your Submission
I am a representative of the Agency stated above and am authorised to submit this Mark-Up Request.
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Boundary Mark-Up Examples

The following selection of images represent Boundary Mark-Up’s prepared using only a minimal number of sides. When entering your details in the submission form above, simply leave blank those fields that you do not want included in your final image.

Example 1: To create an Mark-Up which shows top and left boundary markings, do not enter any values in the bottom and right input boxes.
Example 2: To create an Mark-Up which shows top and bottom boundary markings, do not enter any values in the left and right input boxes.
Example 3: To create an Mark-Up which shows left and right boundary markings, do not enter any values in the top and bottom input boxes.

Example 1 - Top and Left
Example 1: Top & Left Boundaries
Example 2 - Top and Bottom
Example 2: Top & Bottom Boundaries
Example 3 - Left and Right
Example 3: Top & Bottom Boundaries
Thank you for using the Cloud 9 Boundary Mark-Up Service.
Boundary Markup Submission Form October 13, 2015