Blimp Photography


We use a custom made, tethered, 17 foot blimp to provide low level aerial photography services. Our operator can pan and tilt our professional digital SLR camera via a remote controlled ground station to perfectly frame the desired shots for our clients.
This photography method allows us to shoot up to 400 feet (approximately 122m) above ground level providing precise, accurate and close up photographs of the subject.The photos from our blimp can assist you to better promote your school, event, golf course, property or any other application which we may not have thought of yet.
Possible Applications
- Proposed level shots
- Progress construction shots
- Real estate photos
- Advertising/Marketing shots
- Capture an events atmosphere
- And many more
Photo Examples
If you would like any further information about our blimp photography service, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.